What makes a great story?

Since the beginning of the year, our team at IOM Philippines has been sharing moving stories from all over the country. They have listened to real voices, witnessed real experiences and met real people on the move.

This is #MyGreatStory

With migration currently dominating media coverage across the world, it is evident that awareness-raising and promotion of good understanding of human mobility is increasingly important. It is recognized that very often, prejudice, discrimination, anti-migrant sentiment and xenophobia often originate from misconception and lack of understanding about the realities of migration and the many reasons why people are on the move around the world.

Even in the Philippines, one of the world’s major migrant worker-sending countries, there is an evident gap or disconnect between migrants and the general public (those who are not migrants).

Piloting in the Philippines, #MyGreatStory aims to bridge this gap by increasing awareness of Filipino people on migration-related issues. It is centered around enhanced social media content supported by interactive public events.

Illustrating the lived realities of migrants and their environments, the ‘My Great Story’ theme aims to bring forward personal accounts and experiences of migrants, internally displaced persons (IDPs), people on the move and convey them to the wider public in an engaging way.